TeleMedicine Options

Please call 770-858-5437 to request a TeleMedicine visit or click the link below

Request an Appointment

Why TeleMedicine?

These are unprecedented times for patients and doctors around the world. But we are resilient and innovative and TeleMedicine is one way to cope with our current reality. It allows for patients and their families to seek care while in the comfort and safety of their home in many, but not all, cases. This supports the public health recommendation of “social distancing.”

What is TeleMedicine

TeleMedicine is medical examination, evaluation and treatment rendered over a “face-to-face” electronic audio/video connection. We are piloting the use of an application,, for this purpose.

Important Notes

Most insurance companies understand the importance of these visits and offer them at no cost to the patient (including copay, deductible and coinsurance). We cannot verify this for you. Your insurance company will be billed for the visit.

Prepare for Your TeleMedicine Visit

  1. Call our office or click “Request an Appointment” above
  2. Gather any referral documents from your physician and have those ready
  3. Use one of the charts linked below to check vision at 10 feet (3 1/2 paces)
  4. Use the matching card for younger children
  5. Check out the helpful videos below to prepare for your “visit”
  6. Use a folded towel or tissue to cover one eye when checking vision
  7. Record the vision on a separate piece of paper prior to your “visit”
  8. Let us know if you prefer to be contacted by email or text message
  9. Position your camera between you and a window letting natural light in
  10. We will give a link and a time for your appointment
  11. Understand you might still have to come to the office to address the issue
  12. Dilation of the pupils, prescribing glasses and examination of some parts of the eye cannot be completed with TeleMedicine
Chart For Younger Children*

Do not cut, just fold into a box with large letters at the top on all four sides

*Courtesy of Robert Arnold MD, Alaska Children’s Eye

Matching Card*

Practice with your child holding the matching card and pointing to the letter you point to

How to Check Vision Video
Letter Chart

Place this 10 feet away or 3 1/2 paces away