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We are excited you have chosen Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia for your eye care needs.

The mission of Children’s Eye Care and Surgery of Georgia is to make your experience the best it can be.

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If you have records from another doctor, please make efforts to get copies of these records well ahead of your visit with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

The Team at Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia will do our very best to make sure your visit is as informative and efficient as possible.

The first part of the visit involves taking a history, checking vision, eye alignment and visual function. If dilation is required, there is a time period of 20-40 minutes after the dilation drops are placed that is spent in the waiting room and theater allowing the pupils to dilate. After dilation is completed the level of farsightedness, nearsightedness and/or astigmatism is determined and the external and internal structures of the eyes are examined. Further measurements or testing may also take place.

Most patients not having a dilated examination can expect to complete their visit in under an hour. If dilation is required the visit can take 90 minutes or more. That being said, we can never predict the complexity of patients we will see on a given day and this can occasionally result in slowing down of patient flow. Our providers and the team must give each and every patient the time, care and expertise their individual circumstance requires.

Why are my child’s eyes dilated?

The providers and team at Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia understand that NO child wants drops in their eyes. Dilation of the pupils (black circle in the center of the colored part of the eye) is an essential part of the examination.

Not dilating a child’s eyes during a comprehensive exam may prevent the doctors and the team from performing the necessary steps to identify and treat certain eye disease. Dilation of the pupils in some cases allows for unseen vision-threatening and even life-threatening conditions to be brought to light.

Dilation is performed by placing one or more drops in the eyes. These drops relax the muscle that makes the pupil get smaller in response to light and helps the eye focus, especially up close. Dilation allows us to examine the internal structures of the eyes in detail and properly prescribe glasses in pediatric patients. Children have a large amount of focusing power in the lens of the their eye, if the focusing of the lens is not completely relaxed with drops, it may be difficult or impossible to accurately prescribe glasses for them. The process of dilation can take 20-40 minutes after the drops are placed.

How long will my child's eyes be dilated?

Children have much stronger focusing ability than adults and, as a result, a longer acting drop is required for children. We expect the drops to wear off in 8-12 hours but they can last up to three days in rare cases (like Dr. Lipsky and his family members!!). Lighter colored eyes tend to stay dilated longer. Despite some blurring of near vision and sensitivity to light, most children can function quite well with dilated pupils

What activities should we avoid while dilated?

Children can go to school dilated but may have trouble seeing the board and especially seeing up close. We will provide your child with tinted glasses to block the bright light of the sun after dilation. We recommend that children NOT participate in activities that could result in injury due to glare and blur from dilation. Some of these activities include: softball, baseball, gymnastics and racket sports. We strongly advise young drivers not to drive until the dilation has worn off.

Insurance Information

Vision Insurance vs Medical Insurance

The difference between vision insurance and medical insurance can seem quite complex. Thankfully, our outstanding team is very experienced with this issue. Quite simply, vision insurance is designed to cover routine eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. The doctors and team at Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia are medical experts in the care of medical and surgical conditions in children and eye misalignment in adults. Some of the children we see are referred to us for trouble seeing, failed vision screenings or suspected vision problems. Some of these patients will only need glasses which may not be covered by medical insurance. In many cases a child will meet the criteria for a medical diagnosis, covered by a medical plan. Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia, however, exist to identify and treat medical conditions and, as such, we do not participate in any vision plan insurance.

Refraction Fee

Refraction is the specialized testing required to determine if a child has nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism (curvature of the cornea). This is often determined in the traditional sense of looking through lenses and making choices of “better one or better two.” In younger children or non-verbal children a technique called retinoscopy is utilized to determine the refractive error. Regardless of the technique employed, this is specialized testing that is not covered by most medical insurance plans and, as such, the doctors and Children’s Eye Care + Surgery of Georgia charge for this testing. This fee is charged whether or not your child receives a prescription for glasses. Refraction is a vital component of the care we give and assures your child receives a comprehensive examination.

Insurances Accepted

BCBS of Georgia
Coventry Healthcare
Medicaid (SSI only)
Medicare Advantage Plans
United Health Care

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If you have access to previous records from your eye doctor, previous eye surgery, or other records such as CT/MRI please make all efforts to gather those well before your appointment and bring them with you. Gathering information ahead of time will make it much easier for Dr. Lipsky and the staff to address your concerns well ahead of your visit with us.

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Phone: 770.858.KIDS
Address: 5185 Peachtree Parkway Suite 350, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Dr. Stephen Lipsky has dedicated his career to the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric eye disease and adult strabismus. He and a dedicated team have launched an entire practice dedicated to his specialty. We are excited to bring our practice to the thriving area of Peachtree Corners and The Forum. Come visit us for eye care and stay and enjoy all the shops and restaurants available in The Forum, including Trader Joe’s!

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Dr. Lipsky is a wonderful doctor I took my daughter in October 2018 and he was extremetly helpful, he answered all questions and spend the proper time with us that creates a huge impact in us because he makes us fell he care so much about the well been of the patient and we trust him.

Aya - March, 2019